A unit of the National Cadet Corps consists of 53 cadets, including men and women functions in this college. This is an Army Wing under 5 (k) Battalion NCC Wayand for which Mr Sajesh K J (Assistant Professor in Commerce and Management)is the Cadets who attend the Summer Camp and the Republic Day Pared Camp are eligible for 6% and 7% Grace Marks respectively. In addition to that the Cadets completing. two years in NCC will get weight age marks for getting admission for various courses and various government job opportunities. Students who pass the B and C Examinations will find it easy to get commissioned posts in the Defence Service.


The NSS unit has been started in our college since 2013. Though the motto of NSS “Note Me But You” is a terse expression which is very deep and suggestive by keeping the spirit of service for others. Currently our college has 61 NSS volunteers and they get grace marks to boost up their services. Mr. Shereena M A (Assistant Professor, Dept.of English) is the NSS Programme Officer of our college. We aim to accomplish a socially responsible new generation which will benefit whole of the society.


number of scholarships are awarded every year to students by the Government of India & Kerala. Students of the college are eligible also for Merit Scholarships awarded by the Government of India and the University. Kerala State Scholarships for Arts and Science programmes are available to students in their first year of study in various programmes provided they have secured 50% marks and above in the qualifying examinations, The scholarships are awarded on merit cum means basis depending upon the annual income of their parents subject to the number allotted each year. College Scholarships will be given to those who score 90% and above in plus two.


Physical activities like sports can change a student’s life incredibly forever. Today students’ involvement in Sports on Campus is inevitable for highly potential which benefits our students to ensure mental wellbeing too. Practicing physical activities helps to learn teamwork, coordination among diverse cultures which instils the value system in one individual. Sports and Games Council in IG College enrichesrecreational opportunities for the studentsto retain their interest towards various physical activities. Through sports activities, students are making their lives as pleasant as they like as well as they are moving far in their future career in sports. Sports allows students to build self-esteem as they can trust in their own talents which receives them motivation and encouragement from coaches and parents that result to build healthy relationships and to choose better career. Skills can be improved if better circumstances are available and IG Campus often provides ample opportunities for our students to develop and achieve their goal.Selected candidates from our WMO IG College participate in Inter-collegiate Sports that helps to provide leadership and recreation opportunities to the students in order to enhance their knowledge and skill in a specific sport of interest. We have the latest example, Mr.Sreeraj M S, final year student of BBA in IG College, won BronzeMedal in Kannur University sports competition 2020-21.We are proud of encouraging our students to prove their talents in university competitions. Provisions are made by the department of Physical education for games including Football, Cricket, Handball, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Volley Ball and Badminton. There is a well-designed Indoor Stadium and and a well equiped physical fitness centre.


The language and literary club functions in our college gives our students a boarder view of art and many forms like Painting, Poster Designing, Clay Modelling, Collage, Cartooning, Pencil Drawing etc. The prime objective of this club is to encourage our students to actively learn and develop their talents and skills to expose artistic expression inherent in them .With the support of well-trained faculties, students get maximum opportunities to let their imagination run wild and our campus gives ample space for them to showcase their talents. Students develop and demonstrate skills in critical and analytical thinking through effective speaking, writing and performing on topics in the fine arts. By participating in different programs in our campus, they can bring out their artistic talents. Students are identified in the area of Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Mimicry, Solo Dance, Group Dance, Drama, etc., and offered training to improve their skills in Fine Arts. Students those who have skills are encouraged to participate in the competitions held in various colleges and university kalolsavams.


The career Guidance and Placement cell has been set up in the college for the benefit of the students. Primary objective of the cell is to provide the much needed life skills to students and help them to find job placements. The Cell’s activities are initiated by the teaching faculty of different departments.


The Anti-Ragging Committee headed by the principal consists of representatives of faculty members, parents, students belonging to the freshers’ category as well as seniors and non-teaching staff. It shall consider the recommendations of the AntiRagging Squad and take appropriate decisions, including spelling out suitable punishments to those found guilty.


Women’s Cell of WMO I.G ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE was constituted in the year 2013. The aim of Women’s Cell is to create social, legal, medical and health awareness among students and teachers. The cell organizes various programs for the uplift and welfare of women students on the campus.


Having a club membership and participating in different club activities will often boost up our students confidence to build healthy relationships which enhance the academic life to explore their career opportunities. In WMO IG Campus we establish different clubs to promote the best learning environment in the 2021 semester.


Grievance redressal committee at the department level comprises course teacher and one senior teacher as members and the Head of the department as chairman to address all grievances including that of internal marks of the students. The college level Grievance Redressal Committee comprising of student advisor, two senior teachers, two staff council members and Principal as the Chairman also is functioning.


The College Union Council and Union Executive are formed every year through elections which are conducted strictly in accordance with the rules stipulated by the University for the purpose from time to time