The Department of Psychology of WMO Imam Gazzali arts and science college is a newly established one in 2020. Psychology Department is well equipped with highly efficient faculties and every infrastructural amenity which helps us to provide a student friendly, learning cum stimulating environment in the campus. We are always motivated to setting clear expectations for student learning, aligning curriculum with these expectations, assessing student attainment, and using assessment results to impart changes that promote efficient and effective  learning experience. A careful adaptation of prominent literature such as ‘APA guidelines: Undergraduate Psychology’ could help us to have high authenticity and reliability in teaching learning process.




The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology is an undergraduate degree program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The curriculum typically includes a blend of core courses in psychology, research methods, and statistics, alongside specialized electives that allow students to explore various subfields such as developmental, clinical, cognitive, social, and biological psychology. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills through lectures, laboratory work, and research projects, preparing them for careers in psychology, healthcare, education, and various other fields, or for further study in graduate programs.


The MSc in Counselling Psychology is a postgraduate program designed to equip students with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills in counseling and psychological therapies. The program typically covers various aspects of psychological theories, mental health issues, therapeutic techniques, and ethical practices in counseling. Students engage in rigorous coursework, research, and supervised clinical practice to develop competencies in assessment, intervention, and evaluation of psychological problems.



We have a fully functioning Department library section with access to 200+ reference books, journals and electronic journals.

Department counselling centre is a Specialised counselling facility to provide support for all students and staffs to overcome their psychosocial difficulties. This clinic can also provide basic exposure in counselling field for the students.

Clinical visits will be conducted in all even semesters to various mental health institutes. This gives an opportunity for the students to experience the profession and its versatile opportunities in real life situations.

Smart classrooms to ensure real-time blended teaching and learning  environment using multimedia resources.

Psychology laboratory is well equipped one which helps the students in integration of theoretical understanding by contextualising and personalising through/with practical experiences in order to consolidate and enhance the knowledge in psychometry and psychological assessment

Life skill training helps the students enculture adaptive and positive behaviours that enables them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

We are also able to provide various add-on courses to train the students in necessary skills that comes handy at their professional life such as certificate course on counselling and psychological interventions, Certificate course on Managing learning disability, and Certificate course on basic listening and counselling skills. These courses provide an early exposure to the professional skills necessary for their career and also it could provide them with skills to manage their own emotional conflicts and cultivate a strong mental health for themselves.

We have an extensive program of social outreach activity, including on-campus and off-campus social awareness workshops, competitions and donation drives. We aim to raise awareness of Mental health among Common people.



ABDUL AZEES M (MSc Zoology, BEd)