Mathematics is one of the most important subjects of our life..Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor. No matter to which field or profession we belong to, its use is everywhere.

      The Mathematics department at WMO IGASC has been a department of the college since its inception.There is two faculties in the department to create purposeful learning experiences for students through solving problems in relevant and meaningful contexts. Also having strong math skills and are able to communicate math’s principles effectively to their students.

        We deal with the complementary Mathematics paper in the departments of B.Sc.Chemistry and BCA and one of the complementary papers in the third semester of BBA department named as Numerical Skills.

    Students in college need to ‘unpack’ their mathematical knowledge which they bring from school to allow them to examine the undergirding and interconnection of college mathematics with other relevant areas of mathematical application such as in physics,Chemistry,Engineering and other related areas.

     The fundamental mathematics taught in colleges for students include calculus,algebra,number theory, probability, logic etc.

       All the related textbooks of all the four semesters and lots of reference texts are available in the college library.


Started in the year 2020, the Department of Statistics provides courses to students of B. Sc Psychology and Bachelors in Business Administration. The department aims at establishing strong fundamentals of the subject through courses such as “Descriptive Statistics”, “Statistical methods”, “Probability and Distribution theory”, and “Inferential Statistics”.

To survive in today’s data-powered world, the students must be capable of conducting good data analysis and make useful inferences from the analysis. The department equips the students to be competent in using relevant statistical software suited for data management and statistical analysis. In addition to the vast resource of Statistical literature available at the college library, the department conducts rejuvenating seminars related to the discipline to spark the interest of students in the subject,hence the Department of Statistics is committed to an Outcome – Based Education approach.

 The department aims at moulding professionals, with sharpened analytic and problem-solving skills. Several workshops and interactions with experts from various domains related to Statistics are conducting to enlighten the students on the various opportunities available as part of this course.


For me as a teacher I never force students to study, instead I want to enjoy the subject as much as possible. I also think about how beautiful the subject it can be and I want to manage the class by understanding the needs of the students. I do not demand everyone to get full marks in the subject but it is imperative that the students have good knowledge of the subject being taught. As well as being a teacher I always want to maintain good friendship with students


I desired to become a teacher to provide an enjoyable education experience to the students. I want to emphasize the importance of what my students are going to learn so that they can value the knowledge they acquire. The knowledge should be applicable in every aspect of their life. I also wanted to be a teacher who manages to shape the mentality of students into a better one and has enough knowledge about everything so that students can look for me for an advice.