WMO I.G Arts and Science College, Koolivayal, established in the year 2011, runs in the self-finance sector and the institution is affiliated to the Kannur University, Kerala. The college is administered by Wayanad Muslim Orphanage, Muttil, Wayanad, a religious minority institution, with the primary objective of providing higher education to the downtrodden and socially backward sections of the society. Wayanad Muslim Orphanage, an epitome of innovation, was established in 1967 as a charitable institution which was lit by the flame of love and affection.

 After a long struggle, WMO came into fruition with the capital of love and dedication as a hope for sordid lives, destitute and down trodden from a backward district, Wayand, a land which is intersected by mountain ranges and ravines. To take care of a society, WMO took initiative establishing schools, colleges learning centers, relief centers and academies facilitating an open pasture for fervent young students to unlock their future potentials. 

Under a dynamic and sophisticated environment they nurture their capabilities, strengthen their power and nourish their dreams cherished in the depth of the heart. Accommodating diverse socio cultural traditions to create a paradigm shift in the backward communities it extends its mission and vision to create a constructive and creative young generation to empower the nation and society.