Life mirrors in literature and literature teaches about the real life situation of the world around. A child may not address life while studying science, commerce, technical knowledge and history. But studying ones mother tough in its all perspective   can help one to encounter, analyse, contemplate, and realize emotions, conflicts, dreams, and realities. Moreover values and perspectives are formed through reading literature.

 Learning Malayalam   Language and literature in its all aspects is an opportunity for students to understand life in a better perspective. Through learning Malayalam literature in depth, values such as humanity, social commitment, empathy, truth and goodness are incorporated into life. Conversational forms such as stories, poems, novels, films, essays, and plays motivate the student to embrace the social, cultural, and political dimensions of pluralism and values.

In addition, studying Malayalam language and literature put forward a concerted effort to create a new world in the areas of Dalit women’s movements – the consequences of identity, environmental philosophy and equality. Literature guides children to become proficient in the language and to know how to use the language effectively and beautifully. The study of language and literature upholds the majesty, emotional and intellectual reality of the mother tongue, while helping to shape the world conducive to the construction of the new world  

  Those who study Malayalam language and literature can go through language as well as literature in all levels. Therefore, students who choose Malayalam language and literature accomplish the potential for intellectual, emotional, social and cultural development that is conducive to their holistic development.



Educational excellence is the result of good teaching-learning process which means giving children great experiences, imparting life-affirming friendships, guiding them to develop values through interactions and helps them to build better perspectives towards the world. So, in my point of view, becoming a teacher is about to live creatively.